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Respect and Anti-Bullying

One of our ASPIRE values at Blairgowrie HS is ‘Respect’. We expect everyone in our learning community to be treated with respect, and to treat others in the same way.  We believe that we all require our basic psychological needs to be met in order to achieve as well as possible. 

We are committed to educating about and delivering an experience that embodies the UNCRC Rights of the Child. We have achieved our Rights Respecting School Bronze Award working with UNICEF and are currently working toward the Silver Award. 

Throughout 2018-19 we took part in the #ChooseRespect campaign run by Scotland’s Anti-bullying charity Respect Me. During this campaign we learned about why respect is so important and we challenged ourselves to always take an empathetic approach by putting ourselves in the shoes of other people.  Throughout 2019-20 we are committed to further developing our value of respect. 


However, despite this focus, as in any large organisation, there will sometimes be occasions where relationships break down and/or bullying occurs.   

Bullying behaviour can make people feel hurt, threatened, frightened and left out. It can be verbal, physical, and emotional or involve online conduct which is unwanted and uninvited. The behaviour may be intentional or unintentional, can cause physical or emotional harm, may be repeated over time or be a one-off incident. 

Any young person who is subjected to bullying behaviour is encouraged to speak with their Guidance Teacher or another adult.  We will always respond to reported bullying concerns. 

It is important to acknowledge that not every incident is a bullying incident. Each incident should be carefully considered and handled appropriately, in line with the PKC Anti-bullying Strategy