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Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing is central to the development of all children and young people and progress in this area will impact on attainment and achievement.  All young people can expect their learning environment to support them to: 

  • meet challenges, manage change and build positive relationships acknowledging differences
  • experience personal achievement and build resilience and confidence
  • understand and develop their physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing and social skills
  • understand how their own behaviours affect physical and mental wellbeing
  • participate in a wide range of activities which promote a healthy lifestyle
  • understand that adults in their school community have a responsibility to look after them, listening to concerns and involving others where necessary

Some aspects of Health and Wellbeing sit within the specific subject areas of PEHome Economics and Personal and Social Education.   Learning programmes educate our young people in the following areas: 

  •       planning for choices and changes
  •       physical activity
  •       sport and health
  •       substance misuse
  •       relationships, sexual health and parenthood
  •       internet safety
  •       food and health


Health and Wellbeing has a significant impact on a young person’s attainment and achievement.  Staff will often refer to the wellbeing indicators to help young people, parents and professionals focus on a young person’s Health and Wellbeing.


Blairgowrie HS is part of the Eastern Perthshire Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2019-2024  which is based on local and national research and aims to support young people, families and staff to improve wellbeing with a particular focus on: Sleep;  Mental Wellbeing & Resilience; Physical Health & Diet; Communication & Engagement.