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Additional Support Needs

A learner can have additional support needs for any reason that prevents that learner fulfilling his or her potential. For example, additional support may be needed for a child or young person who:

  • is being bullied
  • has behavioural or learning difficulties
  • is deaf or blind
  • is particularly able or talented
  • is bereaved
  • is not attending school regularly
  • is living with parents who are abusing substances 

If you as a pupil of Blairgowrie High School, or as a parent of a pupil, feel that there is an additional support need that we do not know about, please contact the school and ask for your child’s Guidance teacher in the first instance. 

Find out more about some specific additional support needs. 







In Perth and Kinross there are 3 stages of intervention when a young person is identified as having additional support needs 

Stage 1 – Support from within the school/community

Stage 2 – Support from within Education and Children’s Services

Stage 3 – Support which is additional to all other supports 

More information about additional support needs.