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Why Parent Council

The Parent Council raised £2000 for school equipment and activities last year.

Throughout the school year the Parent Council held fund-raising events to support the school. Thanks to these efforts the council has been able to give over £2000 to different departments in the school for special equipment and events. Last year the PE department received £500 for football strips, kit bags and match balls. The music department £200 for 3 mini bass guitars and amplifiers for use at the lunchtime music club, and the art department received £380 to purchase dress making mannequins for their extremely popular fashion shows. “It’s easy to see why these types of equipment fall outside of the Education Authority budget, and also why they’re so important”, says parent Susie Black.

However, fund raising is only part of the Parent council role and the school would love to see more parents become involved. The council meets up about six times a year in the evenings at the school. The meetings are open to parents, teachers, friends and supporters. Each meeting lasts around 2 hours and by attending parents are more informed about the school, able to question what is going on, and given a chance to have their say. One member, Judith Pearson said, “It is important we as parents question what is going on at school, and have a chance to voice our opinions.” She went on to say that by attending Parent council meetings, “I have more information about what is going on at the school.”

Local Councillor, Caroline Shiers, is also a member, and agrees that for parents, attendance at meetings is a great opportunity to influence school policy. As a councillor, she believes her role is to “respond to issues raised by parents, pupils and staff.” It would seem clear that, by working in partnership with the school, parents, councillors and other interested parties can make the parent council a valued cog in the school wheel.

More information about the role of Parent Councils can be found here but in essence the objectives of the Blairgowrie High School Parent Council are:

· Promoting partnership between Blairgowrie High School, its pupils, and all parent and carers.
· Developing and engaging in activities which support the education and welfare of the pupils
· Identifying and representing the views of parents and carers on the education provided by the Blairgowrie High School and other matters affecting the education and welfare of the pupils.

The Blairgowrie High School Parent Council excels at funding, maintaining involvement with school development plans, and providing feedback to the school. In addition, it encourages positive relationships between the parents/carers and school staff. It’s a welcoming group, always looking for the broadest spectrum of members. As well as regular council business, meetings include presentations on subjects such as pupil attainment and developing Scotland’s young workforce.

The Head Teacher, Bev Leslie, sums up the importance of the Parent Council: “The Parent Council is a vital part of school life. The more parents/carers we can involve in meetings, the more likely we are to get it right for everyone’s child. We need to hear from you! Please consider coming along to our meetings – you will be guaranteed a warm welcome, a cuppa, and a chance to have your say about the direction of our wonderful school.”