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Parent Council


As a parent or carer of a young person at Blairgowrie High School you form the Parent Forum. The Parent Council is a committee formed from the Parent Forum and has several key roles. The main responsibility of the Parent Council is to represent the views of all parents and carers in the school. In addition it will be involved in the appointment of senior staff; organising social and fundraising events; promoting contact between all parents and the rest of the school community; and raising any interests of parents and carers.

The Role of the Parent Council is to help parents and carers become more actively and effectively involved in their children’s learning.


Members of the Parent Council are nominated from the Parent Forum at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The Parent Forum is the collective name for every parent, carer or guardian of children attending Blairgowrie High School. The Council also has a number of members co-opted from the staff at the school and Perth and Kinross Council. Meetings are attended by Mrs Bev Leslie, Headteacher.

Everyone with children at Blairgowrie High School is most welcome to attend the Parent Council meetings. The Agenda is built around you, the children and their experiences at school. Whether you can make the meetings or not we actively invite you to get in touch before the meeting if you have any general issues you would like raised or any help that you might be able to give. If you have an issue on a more personal level then please contact the school directly, they operate an open-door policy and will be eager to help.

A typical meeting starts at 6.15pm and lasts no more than 1½ hours. Meetings start with a presentation, usually from a member of the teaching staff and this starts at 6pm. The meeting itself comprises updates on fundraising, discussions on the latest developments in the school and school policies, a report from Mrs Leslie, Headteacher and a chance for a cup of coffee and a chat. The meetings are held in the school staff room which is signposted from the main entrance to the school. 

Getting in Touch


For General Info

Ailie Castle


For Agenda Info              

Kay McClement       



2019 Parent Council Meeting Dates

Wednesday 20th March at 6pm Agenda

Tuesday 4th June 

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