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Freshers' Week

As part of Blairgowrie High School’s P7 into S1 transition programme all S1 pupils take part in Freshers week. This is a five day event commencing Monday 2nd September. The week focusses on team building activities where pupils will be given extra opportunities to work together in Houses and get to know each other. There will be a variety of activities offered throughout the week with staff and other partner organisations offering exciting opportunities.  

As part of Freshers Week we are offering a one night residential programme to all new S1 pupils. Pupils and staff will attend Gulabin Lodge in Glenshee leaving school at approximately 4:00pm stay overnight and participate in a range of team building activities. Whilst the school subsidies a significant proportion of the cost of these activities we would ask parents/carers to make a contribution towards Freshers’ Week.  We will also be in a position to offer some financial assistance to parents/carers to help with any costs involved.   

Parents/carers are asked to complete the Gulabin consent form (below) and also the PKC consent on ParentPay for your son/daughter to participate in the residential. Unfortunately pupils will not be able to participate in the outdoor experience at Gulabin unless both forms are completed and returned to the school office before the residential.  

Below are individual timetables for each House for Freshers’ Week - Glenisla, Stormont and Tay. Below is  a kit list for Gulabin so that all pupils know what to bring for the overnight residential. Please be aware that if a pupil does not have a sleeping bag they are to let the school know and we will be able to provide one. If pupils are not staying overnight but would like to take part in the day activities parents/carers must provide transport for the pupils to Gulabin. 

The overnight residential for all pupils takes place on the following dates for S1 pupils –  

  • Glenisla – Monday 2nd September  until Tuesday 3rd September
  • Tay – Tuesday 3rd September  until Wednesday 4th September
  • Stormont - Wednesday 4th September until Thursday 5th September  

All pupils will leave Blairgowrie High School at around 4pm and will return the following day to the school no later than 3:30pm.  

If you have questions regarding the week please contact Mr Stewart (DHT) through the school office.  

Freshers Week GLENISLA Programme

Freshers Week STORMONT Programme

Freshers Week TAY Timetable

Kit list

Gulabin Lodge Parents Activity Consent Form

Parentpay Consent form